1) The Inauguration (aka "Year Of The Dragon")

Dark and mysterious modern electronic art music ('Merkabala Pizza Party' from 'ELEKTRICON'- Part 4 of THE AQUARIUS PROJECT) has been playing during the show's intermission (beginning at a very low volume but gradually increasing over the 15 to 20 minute break) with psychedelic computer imagery on the big screens.  As the audience returns and the house lights slowly dim the volume increases more rapidly.  The music becomes angrier and the tension builds.  On the screens, we begin to see disturbing images of turbulent Earth events (large-scale devastating earthquakes, violent storms, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc...).  There are dancers in front of the curtain and in the audience areas completely dressed in black (heads also- no visible skin). In the dark (black) light, they run erratically, looking skyward and terrified of the Earth's trembling. 

The scene changes and we see QB's party headquarters on the big screens, where there is an extensive celebration going on (cheering, balloons, confetti, flags, etc..). (There are lots of red/orange/fire colors) It is election night and the results have just confirmed that she is now the supreme ruler elect.  Every shot is in super slow motion, with an eerie surreal feeling to it.  We see her walking down a red carpet toward a podium, greeting her fans and constituents as she goes, posing for the cameras, fake smiling, shaking hands, holding babies, etc... (all slo-mo)

The curtain rises and in front of the galactic backdrop (now with the sun just inside the center rift of the Milky Way) appears now a giant 3D close-up of QB's face with her evil smirk and flames in her eyes and around her head on a transparent curtain .  In front of this is an enormous and grandiose throne on which she sits. It's situated atop a surreal version of the House of Representatives' 'pulpit.' She has a very ghost-like appearance, with evil-looking clothing, as do the other 'leaders' sitting in front of her (later to be prison guards and then robot minions of QB
). It's sort of a surreal 'state-of-the-union address' type of setting.  KY is there (left side below), and PB as well (although she still isn't speaking to KY or even looking at him since the incident with Jermaine).  KY is chained to his seat and looks utterly miserable. He would much rather be anywhere else, but QB insisted that he attend (for publicity reasons again).  She's threatened to let his 'secret' out if he tries to defy her.  H is there, also chained to his seat (right side below).

QB (rising from her throne and singing wild-eyed and fanatically to audience):

I am a man-made machine
I'm coming out to clean
My carpet's a mess
The cause of all this stress
I'll feed you when I can
But you'll be here on demand
And you're sure to suffer more
When my plans have passed the floor

(walking over to KY)
Yeah, maybe you're dead
With voices in your head
Or maybe you're just plain sad
Go and tell it to your dad (nods toward the sun in the backdrop)
(lights fade onstage, we can stll see the giant backdrop face, though)

QB (on screens- not the ghost-like version on stage) has now reached the podium (no longer slo-mo video, now more like 'live news coverage,'  and delivers her speech to her party (still cheering wildly) and the nation.

(slowly speaking and dressed in politician-type attire)
Thank you,  my fellow Americans. Today is the dawn of a new day!  (more cheering)
You have had a tough choice to make and I'm glad to say that you've made the right one.  (more cheering) I won't let you down.  As you know, right now there is a looming threat from people of other nations and religions who wish to do us harm.  My administration's first order of business will be to institute bold new plans to prevent any possible terrorist attacks against our people. (still more cheering) We will protect our borders!  (applause)
QB steps off the podium and stands with her family, waving (slo-mo again) 

Stage lights up again and 'live' QB resumes singing to audience:

Dope may be the cause (holds up a bag of weed, then tosses it)
For your gross, immoral flaws
(CH joins in- ((the other 'leaders')) all looking at KY now)
Now the prisoner may speak
Like a left-winged demofreeeeeak!

KY (stands (spotlight) and sings (still chained to the chair) QB ignores him and focuses solely on the adulation she's receiving from everyone else around her). 

Tell me how I can
Take this man I am
And wash away his dreams
And strip him to his seams

Yeah mother, hear me roar
I might stand here and ignore
Your self-indulgent ways
In your self-elated phase

But don't tell me who to be
And don't wiggle that tool at me
There's a sadness in your smile
And I'd love to stay a while,
But I'm free..... 

KY removes his chains and exits, passing by PB who gets up to walk in the opposite direction, glances at him as he passes her, then turns away in a deliberate motion, letting him know she's still not talking to him.  The scene fades away and PB takes center stage amidst her somber thoughts and childhood imaginary friends (e.g. cute forest animals).  The screens show that time is now passing by rapidly, and QB is the actual Queen/President now, doing photo shoots, signing papers, etc....

2) The Circle/ "Shine" Reprise

(PB) (walking through the private backyard castle (white house) gardens in her fairy-tale setting.  It's early morning the next day and she hasn't gotten much sleep. She sees the rising sun behind some dark gloomy clouds and sings:)

There may be nothing left to do
That hasn't already been done
There may be nothing left to win
That hasn't already been won
The time for reaching out is over (we see her look at one of the screens- photo of KY)
A truth for everyone and no one

There must have been a time
When we could follow the sun
There must have been a time
When we could chase the wind as it begun
But our minds have grown a little older
And our world has grown a little colder

This is the circle turning back to us again
Forever racing toward a sad, denying end
A river flowing through an ever-crying rain
Still breaking all our fragile will in vain

On one screen we see a private meeting between KY and QB. She says to him,"We're having a problem with your little 'public defiance' stunts lately, Kyrone. Don't forget who's holding the ace card here. What would you do if someone 'accidentally' let the world know about your sexual perversions.  Ha! You'd be the laughing stock of the nation.  KY looks down and sighs.  He then asks her, "Alright, but what about Bonni? I mean she won't even look at me anymore."  She replies, "Don't worry about her.  I know how to talk to her.  You just let me handle that. Oh, and there's something I would like you to do for me in return... We see QB continuing to talk to KY but we don't hear what she's saying.  He has a troubled look on his face.

(PB) (watching all this from her 'fairy tale world'  and shaking her head in disbelief. She then turns away and continues singing.) 

I guess the story changes
With each solitary call
Unless the dreamers never shine
And tyrants never fall

(looking back at the KY and QB on the screen)

Will there be a time again for dreaming?
'Cause right now the voice of past is screaming (PB on screens screaming)

(w/ CH of her imaginary childhood friends)

This is the circle turning back to us again 
Forever racing toward a sad, denying end
A river flowing through an ever-crying rain
Still breaking all our fragile will in vain

At the conclusion of the song, Jermaine (not in drag) appears and startles her. 

PB asks, "What are you doing here?" 
He answers,
"I miss you Bonnie.  I know how much you're hurting, and I'm so sorry."
She says (sobbing), "How could you do that to me, Jermaine?  You were my best friend." 
J: This may be difficult for you to understand, but I had to do what I did. What's happening here is much bigger than any one of us, and what happens next will depend on the actions of every one of you. You see, I'm not from here.  I mean, I have an Earth body, but my soul is from... another place-  another solar system far from yours. 
PB: Yeah, right. (rolls eyes)
J: I incarnated here on earth for a very important reason:  To help Kyrone.  He plays a  critical role in your evolution.  He's going to lead the human species into the next great world age, and give them the tools they need to make a leap forward in their conscious
awareness.  You're very much a part of his development, and you too have a crucial role in this final chapter before the great transition. 
PB: You can't really expect me to believe...
(he interrupts)
J: Listen, I'll make you a deal.  If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I'll show you something that very few humans have ever had the privilege of seeing during their time on Earth. 
PB: Really...well, how do I know you'll keep your word?
J: You'll just have to trust me, honey.  What've you got to lose?

"Shine" Reprise

(J) We're gonna shine in the light?
                (P) We're gonna time it out right?
(sung) (B) And then we'll fly all night 'till the morning

(spoken) (P) We're gonna hold on tight?
                (J) Re-focus our sights? (playfully rubs his eyes, she chuckles)
(B) And then we'll fly all night 'till the morning

(they give each other a big hug)

CP and CM suddenly appear out of nowhere and reveal themselves (as glowing apparitions) to PB for the first time.

PB (spoken with a big smile):  "I knew,  I don't know how,.. but I just knew,.. I guess I've always known."  (she smiles and hugs J again)

CM and CP join J singing (PB&J holding hands):

(All 3-no PB, to audience and PB)
There's a truth that we need to share
A firm abiding vow
We promise you that indeed we care
Regardless of things that harm even kings
And challenge your faith somehow 

3) Talk/Think It Over/ Flying Through Time

J to PB: C'mon! (He grabs her hand and pulls her into a dance w/ the others)

(lively dance sequence begins)

CP (to audience):
Well, have you heard
The end of conflict
The magic words
A means o' healin' yo' anger'd minds
'Cause no one here's gettin' left behind

Just talk it ovuh
You just talk it ovuh
You just gotta talk, and ev'rythang'll be alright, yeeeaaahhh!

CM (to audience):
Tell me people
When you're hurtin'
We can ease up
Your heads, for certain
Ain't no good reasons
For all your fights
When heaven's still within your sights

Just talk it over
You need to talk it over
(B)You just gotta talk... fo' ev'rythang t' be all right!

(Choreographed dance sequence- the four face each other- hands/bodies rising up/ down with the melodic and bass lines in the music)

(dance ends, they all laugh (they're out of breath))

PB:  Well...what about Kyrone?  What's gonna to happen to him?
CP:  There he go,... ovuh there.  You see him?
PB: Oh yeah.  Why's he crying?

QB's image (with smug smile) is hovering over KY like a dark energy field. We hear the theme before he sings.  KY isn't aware that he's being watched by the other characters)

CP: The man's strugglin' no doubt, but we helpin' him find his way through his uh...'pre-dicament.'
CM: (sarcastically) Uh-huh, that's what you said the last time. 
CP: I know, I know. 

(Scene changes to a depressed KY wasting time and smoking pot in a self-loathing slumber.)
If I died before I 'wakened
Would you know the path I'd taken?
Did the beanstalk kill this story?
Did the darkness steal this glory?
Ky was a sure bet they'd dare say
Ky would never let his beard stray
Pick him up and give him water
Is it enough to acquit this slaughter? AHHH! (KY pretends to cry in self-pity)

(CP and CM enter and sing to KY who doesn't see them, of course)

If you could only see your problem
Abuse you told us you'd be on top of
The looser you go now, the further you fall
And who'll ever know how you're hurtin' at all?

You're the one who takes the call
When time has come to change it all
The choice before you will not wait
Your voice alone can heal their fate

(CM) Just think it over
(CP) You betta think it ovuh
(B) You just think that ev'rythang'll be alright...

(CM, PB and J behind CP): You just think it over (repeat many x's)

You just think that evr'ythang'll be alright
That ev'rythang'll be outa sight
That ev'rythang'll turn out bright
They ain't neva gonna turn off the light
The gain ain't really worth the flight  (KY takes another big toke) 
It's just your blessed tongue that you bite. 

KY, CP and CM exit.

Flying Through Time

J (says to PB): Alright, well I guess I'll hold up my end of the deal now. 
PB: Wait, wasn't that it? 
J: Only the first part. C'mon, I've got something really exciting to show you.  Close your eyes and don't be afraid. (She hesitates) Just TRUST me.

He stands behind PB and puts his fingers on her head (temples).  The scenery changes drastically, as now they appear to be floating in space w/ stars all around.  A glowing radiant light is emanating from above and illuminating the duo.  The screens show the audience exactly what P "sees" in her mind  (she's smiling with her eyes closed). 

The first half is the history of the human being (shot in extremely high speed) from the start as a single-celled organism (in water) to the amphibian phase, reptile phase, primate phase, the Anunnaki DNA manipulation period (Neanderthal) and finally the alien/human interbreeding phase (Cro-Magnon on...).

(The music changes again (10/8)) Now, we see the rise and fall of all previous self-contained human civilizations (as well as the subsequent global catastrophes which destroyed them). Halfway through, we see the rise of the current age (approx. 3100BC) and a brief synopsis of human civilizations since then (empires, dynasties, religious movements, etc...all changing w/ the key changes in the music) and the explosion in the human population right to the present moment.  The action/motion of the high-speed film seems to gradually speed up right to the end.  The last thing seen is QB's face (with fire in her eyes), eerily looming over planet earth pictured between her hands.  This image fades out with the music section. 

J explains:  All evolved beings in this universe must pass a global test before they can graduate to the 5th level of consciousness, which permits them access to interstellar travel.   This test includes the eradication of hostility and violence from their hearts, minds and actions.  We've been with you all along, and we've always tried to help you and every one of your human brothers and sisters evolve for your own benefit, and for the benefit of every being in our universe who can and will learn from you. 

During J's speech, we begin see the source of the light revealed, as a metallic disc-shaped craft appears behind PB & J with flashing multi-colored lights above it.  J transforms into his true 'light being' form with glowing multi-colored chakras.  PB opens her eyes, holds on to J, and they disappear.  The screens once again show what PB "sees" as they zoom through the galaxy seemingly through wormhole-like tunnels, stopping every once in a while to view other growing civilizations on various other planets. 

J continues:  The 5th level has many benefits... and one of them includes time travel.  You see, all of this has happened already. Everything... you, me, even this story, and Ky is well aware of that by now, even as he's playing it out.  There are always slight variations, due to chance, accidental occurrences and of course- free will, but it's usually pretty close.                                                                    
More and more people are becoming aware of this every time they too remember the future.  Ah, here we are now.  This, Bonni... This is my home..."

They arrive at J's star (Vega) in the Lyra Constellation (we see this constellation up close in the backdrop).  There are light beings and flying 'crafts' everywhere.  J shows PB an enormous, magnificent and beautiful crystal city. 

The Vegan light-beings sing:

We can fly through time
We can fly though time
We can move the line
Move on through just fine
We can fly through time!

Suddenly J and PB are pulled backward extremely fast through the wormhole; back toward Earth.  On the screens we see their journey in super-high speed reverse, back to the castle gardens.  It's nighttime now.  The vision of the Vegan Light Beings still looms transparently above them as they sing the last line:

We are flying through time...

(The vision evaporates) 

PB says, "My God, that  was...amazing...  Wow, ..I really need to go see Kyrone.  I can't wait to tell him about..."
J (interrupts): NO.  Don't tell him a thing.  Ky has incarnated many times on earth, always at crucial points of human development.  He's always born into a life position that will allow him to help or heal humanity in someway- before their transition. He knows he's got a task to complete, though he's never really aware of exactly what it is, or how he will complete it until he becomes fully self-aware. When his actualization process is finished, he'll then realize who he really is and exactly what he must do. This must happen before he can do anything else, and he must do it himself.  Make up with him, but let him find the answers on his own.
PB: I'm still confused about something, though.  What does all this mean? Are you saying that everyone has to be gay in order for their souls to graduate? 
J: No, that's Ky's journey and the challenge for many other men who still harbor anger in their hearts and have not yet fully understood why they feel spiritually unfulfilled.  It's not even a matter of preference.  The only thing that really matters is having love in your heart, true peace of mind and the will to accomplish what you must to learn and grow. These things will be the foundations on which a new paradigm for the human society at large will be achieved.  Only when fear and hatred have been completely overcome will your species see fit to harbor its collective will power for the betterment of all. 
PB: It's so hard for me to accept all this because...well, he is my husband after all,  but somehow I get it.  I know I must do what I can to help him- to help all of us.   

J nods and gives one more hug to PB before he takes off.  We now see the other side of the castle grounds where KY is standing at the gate and deciding if he should enter and try to apologize (again) to his estranged wife. He still thinks she is angry and hurt by his actions, and has no idea what has just transpired in the rear gardens. 

4) She's Holdin' On   (aka "Tierra Madre")

Left Screen:  This screen shows images of PB and KY as he reminisces on things they used to do together. 

Right Screen:  During the next sections, this screen shows images of iconic Washington DC government buildings (everything EXCEPT the white house 'castle'), famous masonic/democratic monuments (Statue of Liberty, for ex.), as well as footage of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and other historic democratic events- all the way back to the foundations of democracy in Greece. 

(The two screens work together in parallel depicting KY's lyrics with two different subjects.) 

I never knew I could hurt her so much
Neglected her feelings, rejected her touch
She's always adorned me, but now only cries
Is there time left to apologize?

KY decides not to enter the gate of the 'white castle'.  Instead, he takes a walk around the capital city (underneath a hypocritical patriotic fireworks presentation being put on by QB) and continues:

Darkness clouds her misery
Furious at her plight
Her progenies have strangled her
In the fever of the night

With a delivery that sounds like infant screaming
Careful not to show
Their mounds of lies
While dealing every fatal blow
(w/QB on screen- quick visual with her evil smile at a advisor meeting)

There are times when her soft-spoken voice calls out to me
The blind martyr's choice:
We only hear what we care to see

We see QB in her room (back of the stage (right side)/elevated) primping in front of a vanity. 

Light comes up on QB for the first half of the next verse only. Screens shows another image of KY as he repeats his next lines back to his live stage performance (spoken). 

There's a face in her mirror
It's not even her own
Just a shameful testament
To how we've let her die alone

There's no one here escaping, this is it
Do we act with hypocrisy?
With every ounce of fleeting strength
She sings her grievous fate to me

Screen left: Random silent video of PB crying, running, screaming at her mother (not audible). We get the idea that these images are what took place in the months that followed the 'incident', when she found out about KY and J, and her devastation/ frustration since that moment.

Screen right:
Images of democratic documents (especially The US Constitution) being completely shredded, and the aforementioned government buildings symbolically crumbling. More images include: Eradication of local governments everywhere, increased federal 'big brother' type surveillance such as devices/ monitors being put up everywhere, giant corporations destroying the middle class, election fraud, the US dollar falling in world value, millions of people losing their jobs, homes, liberties and freedoms protesting in the streets, the US military being deployed all over the globe and 'subduing' those who don't think they should be there.  This continues all the way up to special 'campsites' presently being built around the nation (with FEMA trucks in the background).  

There's nothin' she can do without a pact of unity
When the people have equal voice for the answers
To the problems that they see
With only understanding, trust and courage, we can still provide
A chance for her to feel the light again
And cleanse the wounds she hides

(Light comes up on QB, but only the times when she is singing/humming)

QB (still primping) Aaahh, Ooohh (repeat, then spotlight off)

(one screen shows PB, other shows Statue of Liberty)

She's holdin', she's holdin',
She's holdin' on for her life
She's holdin', she's holdin',
She's holdin' on with a wounded stride
She's holdin', she's holdin',
She's holdin' on for her life
She's holdin', she's holdin',
Holdin' on for her last brutal ride 

QB (lights up, now dancing in place and posing for the mirror)

Aaaahh, Oooohh, Aaaahh, Oooohh

While QB is singing to herself, we see KY arriving back at the castle and this time he enters, sees PB, then stops and says,
"Bonni, I'm so sorry."  As he does, PB runs up to him and hugs him. He looks surprised, then very happy.  She says, "It's alright. Don't worry about it anymore. I forgive you." He replies, "Honey, I'll never hurt you that way  again.  We'll have a good life from now on, I promise."  PB nods hesitantly in agreement.  We see a troubled look on her face (she knows something he doesn't). They walk slowly offstage holding hands, KY turns back and looks at QB- we see him mouth the words "Thank you" to her as he gives her a slight smile.

In a tango-fashioned posture- one arm up behind her, one arm out front, hand motioning toward KY and PB who are exiting, QB looks at audience and sings:

Behold your PARADISE!
(lights out)

A soon as the music changes and we see a 'breaking news story' on the screens.  QB (w/ KY next to her) making a public address.  We see people everywhere stopping what they are doing to watch the announcements.  We hear and see random parts of her speech on both screens interspersed in a very chaotic manner.  We hear her say things like "We are facing an impending terrorist attack." "Everyone is in danger."  "I have been forced to declare Marshall Law." "Chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons could be used against our nation." "We have set up local emergency refuge camps in every state." "This is the only way to ensure the public's well-being." "Do not hesitate. Get your family to safety immediately," for examples.   We see evil ghost-like spirits flying over and around
the 'white castle' on one screen. On the other screen is a shot of QB shaking hands with a famous evangelical TV preachers.  We also see H there with a look of concern and doubt on his face. 

KY is seen and heard reading from a teleprompter.  He sounds hesitant as he reads, and there is doubt in his voice/face. 
"We must trust that this is in our best interest. Everyone should go to their designated  'special campground areas' which have been set up near your towns to 'protect you' from new threats of  'immanent danger'."

Simultaneously on screens and stage, people all over the country are arriving to their respective 'camps.'  Masses are frantically swarming in from everywhere carrying sleeping bags and other supplies and being greeted by 'friendly faces' who are registering them one by one.  The peculiar thing is that most of the people arriving seem to be minorities, homosexuals, and liberal hippie-types.  

KY and PB are now in their room.  KY says,
"Your mother was right.  You did come back to me.  She's really not as bad as I thought."  PB: "No Ky, she's worse.  She's tricked everyone who's not like her and not on her 'team' into thinking that she's helping them.  But I know she isn't.  Ky, she's enslaving them.  You have to stop her." KY: (turning away) But she's threatened to expose my private life to the public if I try anything.  They'll all think I'm a fraud.  I'll never be able to help anyone that way.  I'll never be able to change things for the better."  PB: "But...,but....but you....."  KY: "What?...What is it?....Tell me, honey..." (he grabs her softly)  PB: (looking completely flustered) "I...I can't!"  She runs off, crying. 

5) The Visionaries

CP/CM:  Soulful improv ooohs and ahhhs

KY sits down on his bed, miserably looking out his window.  He pulls out a joint and starts to smoke, then lays down to sleep.  We now see that a ghost-like apparition of J (in a stunning drag costume) has been watching the events from outside.  A ghost-like version of KY appears to leave the bed and cross through the wall (astral travel of sorts) to where J is standing. 

Among the many wild and meek
These troubled men await
Within a bloodshot hour
They seek an answer to their fate
Two timely soldiers sent to war
To find an unknown right

Void of all which underscores
Their quiet, valiant fight

A leader tryin' to regain his broken paradise
A teacher waitin' in the wings to break him of his vice
With all his tryin,' he's still denyin'
Them feelin's he have inside
This fun goes on until the dawn
When none will need to hide

(J (to KY)):
Did you ever wonder why,
Why your dreams should be so trite with a visionary's sight?
Why do you shun your eye  (hand over forehead)
From the gift that carries light
To this wicked scary night

(CH to KY)
Can you hear me? 
Can you feel me?
(This is the chorus of angels (Vegans from "Flying...") on the screens in harmony. Psychedelic effects surround their images, of course. )

(CP and CM, shaking their heads 'no' at KY)  Uh, uh,..... uh, uh

Someday you may belong
To a world that's compromising
But to you, it seems surprising
That everything's still wrong
'Cause the victim of surprise
Is the problem in disguise 

(CH) Do you fear me? 
You are near me

(CP/CM) Bump, bump, bump, bump

AH, ah, ah, ah (2x's)

(J) (w/ 2 other pre-recorded J's on screens, KY moves toward J)
Am I on my own?
Have the dice been thrown?
Will this seed be sewn?
I can give you everything you need to grow

(KY and J embrace, then KY goes back into his house.  J sadly watches him leave.)

6) You're Busted

After the last few people trickle into the FEMA camps, the stage shows our 'featured campsite', where a giant gates closes and locks the citizens in.  They are completely fenced in with electrical and barbed wire all around preventing their escape.  The 'greeters/registrars' from before have now taken roles as prison guards.  They look like Christian missionaries carrying machine guns and Bibles.  There is an elevated balcony in the back of the stage- presumably part of the 'white castle.' QB comes out from a guard tower nearby and is met with shouts of concern. 
Prisoner #1 shouts,
"Hey, what's goin' on here?  Why we bein' locked in?" To which she answers, "Oh, it's not to keep you in, it's to keep the terrorists out. It's a quarantine for your own protection."  Prisoner #1 yells back, "Naw, naw, that ain't right.  What the hell we supposed to do now?  Are we bein' busted for somethin'?"  QB: (in a more sinister voice) "Busted? hmmm... Now that's an interesting way of looking at it."

QB sings to the baffled prisoners (standing in winter clothing, blankets, etc..- we get the sense that they are freezing) who look puzzled as they discover their strange situation  when they try to leave.  Though there are 'families' of prisoners who have come through the gates, and the straight men are being separated from their wives and children.  Six prisoner men (black, gay, hispanic, hippie, etc... represented) remain on stage to sing.  Six Guards (all white, conservative evangelical Christian- types) do the same.

(Lighting notes:  There are very crazy psychedelic lighting effects throughout this piece, including a giant disco ball (w/ fiery colors) above QB turning in time to the 5/4 sections, intense strobes during the 11/8 robot sect. and very fast "lightning" during the "Hear her roar" section on the 16th-note bell/string runs.) 

Surrender your firearms and fend for your seat
There's only one room here to wash and to eat
You're busted, you're busted
Stifle that phobia, 'n bottle that grief
Your courtesy Bibles should provide you relief
You're busted, ooo you've busted

(Prisoner #1 (to other prisoners))
How'd we give her the reigns?
(#2) Shit, countin' the vote was insane
(#3) And why do we botha' t' choose?
(All 6) No matta' who win, we gon' lose!

(Guards respond to prisoners)

(#1) I can't believe what you've said
(#2) That weed must've gone to your head
(#3) It's not just a question of who
(All 6)There's 'nobody' caring for you (motioning to KY and smiling)

(QB to audience)

Our campground's impounded these inferior races
We can see you're confounded by the looks on your faces
Leaf-chomping drop-outs are so easily caged
They're not enraged  (Guards) They're not engaged  (making funny motions with hands/faces)

(QB sees KY out on his balcony alone, and she speaks/sings:)

My, how the time does fly
It's too late to call their guy
(GDS 1/2/3) But here he comes come crawling in
(GDS 4/5/6) So ready to please his 'kin' (they grin, bump shoulders, roll eyes and point, as if laughing at an 'inside joke')
(QB) How can he stand there and pretend? Oh, he's no 'messiah' for them

(Prisoners sing/speak to other prisoners again)

(#1) Why ain't we askin' 'm why (motioning to QB and GDS)
(#2) They judges be rollin' the dice
(#3) We trusted 'm like they was friends
(#4) We seen how this play gonna end
( #5) When we' fallin', we call up the MAN. (pointing to KY)
(#6) Why shouldn't we call him again?

(All GDS, QB)
The tike who made us yawn (prisoners answer)
(#1) Made us yawn?
The poison-tainted fawn
(#3) Poison what?
The piper at the dawn
(#5) Ya, he pipin' alright
(QB/GDS)Who dines upon the.... lawn (QB inhales/ gestures mockingly at the prisoners like she's smoking, then throws imaginary 'joint' on ground and pretends to stomp on it)
(#1,3,5) Aw, shit!

(QB continues in an evil, sexy voice, Guards- choreographed dance behind her, passing out 'uniforms' that look like 'holy' penitentiary clothes to the prisoners. They put them on at gunpoint.)

We're stomping your pride march, we're tying your feet
Don't bother to hide from us, we've got your heat (makes "freezing" gesture)
(w/ GDS) You're busted, you're busted
That uniform fits with a standard appeal
No need to remove it, it comes with your deal
(w/ GDS) You're busted, ooo you've busted,
Busted, busted, busted!

Over the above verse, prisoner #1 shouts: KY-RONE, getchyo' ass down here.  What the fuck you doin' up there in that castle!   We breakin' our necks sleepin' here on this pavement ev'ry night.  AW, HELL NO!... KYRONE!! (throws arms up)  Kyrone gets up and exits the balcony. They think he hasn't heard them.
(6 Prisoner Chorus)                                                   (Guards continue chanting)

(unis.)Too little time left, they made it abrupt     Busted, busted, busted...(repeat ad nauseum) 
We lookin' fo' sunshine befo' we burn up (they make smoking motions)
Trappin' our heads with a zip-lock'n chain
And yappin' on whateva' became the mundane
(harm.)Them Nazis was groomed here (pointing to guards), and 'nobody' knew
(Guards) The Communists bloomed here and we know that it's you! (pointing to the prisoners sternly)

(Pris. #1) says underneath next lines, "We ain't no Communists, y' stupid mutha fuckas."

(All Pris.) We're busted, we're busted, we busted, 
(prisoner #1) we trusted...(they look up to the sky)

(The prisoners finish donning their 'uniforms' and take their seats on the ground while the QB decorates each of her Guards with 'badges of honor' which suddenly transforms
them into military-type robots.  We see the snow starting to fall in the background and there is a Christmas tree next to QB)

(QB)                                         (Robots answer)
All nearly done                         Today's our day in history
All clearly won                         We'll raise the flag of victory
Let's hear your voice                 Shout it out, we've been redeemed
Let's hear your choice                Freedom's not a charity   
There's no playing around          No doubting our reality
We're up when we're down        When you've got tenacity
Cancel their lights   (G#1/2/3)There's not a better thing to do. It's such an honor, highness.
And repeal their rights (#4/5/6)Is someone out there even worthy to receive this kindness?

(Warden Chorus- 1/2/3 first, others 4/5/6 answer- 2nd lines)

(Robots) Render your firearms and fend for your seat
Render your firearms and fend for your seat (2 more times under QB)
(QB)Stifle your phobia and bottle your grief
Like a courtesy bible could provide you relief! Hah!
(Robots)We're stopping your pride march, we're tying your feet
Don't try to defy us, we'll turn off your heat

(Prisoners sing over above lyrics w/ angry faces, gittin' all up in the guards' robot-like faces while they sing AT and OVER each other, just like they do on TV.)
This campground is guarded
It smells like they farted
Jus' what have they started?

(QB and GDS to prisoners, almost nervous for a moment that they might have a mass revolt)
Well, we've done everything that can be done!

(All Prisoners)
I guess this what you callin' 'fun'!

(QB and GDS)
We're only providing safety

(Pris.)We know you lyin'

(QB and Robots)
Would we be lying to you right beneath the cotton-picking sun?

(Pris. overlapping, looking at each other)
How they gon'  lie to us right in front our visionary son? (They motion to KY emerging on their level now)

The guards have transformed even further into 'robot-like' machines with robot/computerized costumes, and are tying and chaining up (shackling) the prisoners at gunpoint as they sing to them.  The prisoners try to fight them off, but are unsuccessful.

(to prisoners ((choreographed mechanical motions)))
Why'd you never think you were busted?
Why'd you never think you were busted?
How'd you never think you'd been busted?
Did we never say you were busted?

(to each other)
Why'd they never think they were busted?
Why'd they never think they were busted?
How'd they never think they'd been busted?
Did they never see they were busted?
(#4/5/6 robots repeat, other 3 sing part below)

Meet your friends in our new town  
Take their hands and bind them down
(2 Guards  on screens to prisoners)
You have run out of time, can't you see your crime?
We've been sworn with our trust to the one who we call Omnibus

(QB) I'M.............THE............BOSS!!!!!!

(1/2/3) She's real, (4/5/6) She's real
(1/2/3) She's here, (4/5/6) She's here
(1/2/3) She's God,  (4/5/6) Our God

(QB now envisioning and elevating herself to be an omnipotent God-like figure on screens)

(CH) (QB is making God-like arm motions, and there are fireworks showers right behind her that look like they're coming from her)
HEAR HER ROAR....(ground rumbles)
FEEL HER THRUST...(strong winds comes in from the sides)
FEAR HER WAR...(screens show massive military build-ups and jet fighters around the globe)


To make you pawns for us...

(Scene darkens, J (not in drag) enters and approaches KY who has finally emerged from the castle. Guards finish tying prisoners hands and feet in background, and escorting them to previously unseen 'jail cells'.  On one screen we see QB with her advisors saying,
"The first part of my great plan is complete.  The LORD has been guiding me and speaking to me, and now boys, it's time to clean the real scum off this planet once and for all.  It's time for the big one.")

(J to KY in desperation)
Pentagonal Skies, what a novel campaign
To end their demise in this rotten domain
If you can't see the prize, well you better refrain
Find more weed to rely on to fetter your pain
Time is unfolding, on this we've been clear
Your pride is still holding, and keeping you here
Its bite isn't bold, but persistent no less
You find when it's cold, it's a bit underdressed
                                                                                                (Pris. in background)
So quicken the pace, or I dare say you'll be                               No freedom, no liberty                    
In a miserable place, tortured up by your greed
No ferry to carry you past the absurd                                        No justice, no history
No way to alert them to all that you've heard
Choose your course- sail or steam?   (On screens: QB being exalted by masses of her followers)
Who ignores their priorities?
Here we stand, face to face
Will you dance, or take your place? (points to jail cells) 

You're busted (4x's) (J is now being chained up by the robots)

We're busted (2x's) (as they spiral out slowly exiting to their jail cells in chains.  KY now sees that M and D have also been tied up and escorted out)
(KY is being detained with a bewildered look on his face.  He's to be the last prisoner escorted out.)

Oh, what a tragedy
They're all trapped in misery
And I can't see nothin' here but frowns

I'm limpin' here in this shacklin'
'N simply try'n now to figure out
Why this is happnin' now 

(fade to black)

7) Comin' 'Round/ Out/ Down

The stage is split.  On one half, the Prisoners stare at the night sky through their cell bars while PB secretly rescues KY from his jail cell in the background.  On the other side stands QB and her minion robot-guards.  The two sides don't see each other.  Their respective big screens parallel the actions of each.  CM appears like an apparition in the night clouds, in front of the galactic background.  (CM and CP appear on the screens during their vocals,  for effect and close-up shots)

No one will tell us what's happening now
No one will help us retract this somehow

(Robot-guard #1) (to the other robot minions in a church-like sermon):
And the tide has reached the morning
While the clock keeps ticking down
And the night bird casts a warning
From behind the temple mound (harm.)
The wise and learned prophets
Read the signs and hear the sounds
All these frightening vital changes comin' 'round
They're comin' 'round (harm)

(CM) (singing from high up inside the galactic backdrop w/ spotlight.  2 other versions appear on screens):
Ah, Ah, Ah... (2x's)

Despite the weight of it all, there's nothin' changin' it
Despite all the men that may fall, there's nothin' changin' it
It's not a problem you could hastily solve, 'cause there's nothin' changin' it
To you it might seem cruel or terrible, but there's nothin' I can do to change it. 

(QB and KY) (in harmony singing to CM (night sky), on their respective sides, but without actually being heard by the other people or each other.)  (QB is standing on her balcony) 

I hear you speak to me telling me now
How this old story will end
And what I must do, I will do here somehow
Do what I can to defend
The ones who have crawled for so long in the darkness (QB's screen shows religious  protests- anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, etc..., KY's shows real shots of the poor)
Waited so long for some guidance and care
I pledge to my brethren whole-heartedly
To help them reach heaven with all they can be
And always to give them most honorably
The example to follow me there (light fades out on QB)

(KY) Follow me there...

The scene changes.  During the intros to the next four sections, the screens show us what is happening while the stage is being quickly rearranged. Stage lights come back up when the lead vocals begin.   

(Intro: Male Angels singing:)
See the men, see the men
(repeat 4x) On screens we see photos of poor and destitute people all around the world

(CP) (Dawn is breaking and CP is elevated above the other characters singing with the rising sun in the background)

See the homeless men diseased and alone, they sitt'n there
See they face between they knees, see they puff-o-matted hair
See the hunger in they eyes and the terra' in they hearts
O what a sin, these little boyz have been imprisoned from the start (screen shot of human slaves- Anunnaki times)

But they're comin' out
They're comin' out
Yeah, they're comin' out, yeah....

Do you feel the risin' of the graduated son?
In between the waters of his home dominion
Do you see the father breakin' and the mother takin' care?
Since she realized the anesthesizin' won't get her anywhere

D'ya see the Johnny-Wranglers with they musculated thighs?
Pray that they won't wait another day to tell they wives
(screen shows H in a cowboy outfit)

(w/ CH)
They're comin' out
They're comin' out
Yeah, they're comin' out
Well, they're comin out...

Scene changes to KY and PB who are back in the castle now.  

(Male Angels)
Can you hear me?

(KY)  (PB is sitting and writing/reading something frantically, she looks flustered as KY sings)

I know at last the time has come for me to choose
If I'm to fin'ly shine or turn away and lose
But this time will carry far
And there's time for breakin' hearts (stops to look at portrait of PB on wall)

I know, I guess I have the perfect plan in view
And there's just no reason why I haven't followed through

But there's time later on                              (PB):  No, no, no.... no, no
So much time to bring the dawn                            Oh, no, no.... oh, no

Yes there's time
(PB) There's no more time
I see it all
(PB) There's no more time, honey
So much time
(PB) Oh, no, no, no
To play the ball
(PB) No time at ALL!

PB:  (extremely anxious and worried) (Robot-Guards have call-backs on other side of stage.  On 1 screen- shot of QB w/ advisors)

I've heard the talk from her meetings                (2 Robot Guards) Secretive meetings
On how to conserve and prepare                                                How to prepare
On how to survive and just who'll stay alive                                  ooooooohhh
When they take to the air                                                           We're nearly there!!!
Well, I never thought she was serious
I scoffed at what seemed merely threats
But now her hand's on the key, and she's winkin' at me
Like she's just won some bet                                                     Just won some bet (repeat)                     
She's won her bet
She's ready and set                                                                    She's won her bet (repeat)
Her quota's been met
Yeah, she's counting the dead
Is this plain enough?
Are you game enough?
Hear her roarin'?
Hear them soarin'?
Are you running yet???                                                              Are you running yet?
               (to KY, then lights fade on robots)

KY: (looking bewildered after what he's just heard) Honey, I...Uh...
PB: Yes?? (running up to him)
KY: I've got something to tell you.
PB: Go on.
KY: I'm...(sighs)...I'm gay....
PB: (smiling) No shit. 
KY: You're not upset?
PB: No Ky, I get it.  I understand... really. (she grabs his hands) Now hurry, before it's too late!
(KY quickly exits)

(QB)  (apparently watching all this from her secret view, enters as scene rotates. Robot-guards now dancing around her, prisoners watching on the side.  The giant psychedelic disco ball returns above her head during the 'disco section.')

I hate to stain your evil play
But Armageddon's already begun
I'm afraid your game's a bit too late
God's army has already won

You rolled the dice
Now you'll be our true sacrifice
And all that you've made here remains here with us

(Addressing her "troops")
This planet's just not big enough
To house these, these criminals! (points to prisoners)
It's do or die, take it to the sky
It's our duty to pull the plug

Look at all those heathens
Falling to the ground  (on screen- muslims, hindus, etc...praying)
And calling out to their demons
To save their little towns

(on screens- video of all kinds of destruction around the world- buildings falling, bombs going off- from small to atomic, cities on fire, people running/screaming, etc.. these images continue until the climax below) 

(QB with chorus)
They're comin' down
They're comin' down
They're comin' down
They're comin' down

Did you know these things that you see here are comin' down
All this time we've known, yeah we've known they're comin' down

(QB and RGs) (multiple parts with choreographed motions describing 'falling' objects)
Comin' down (repeat) (more bombs being dropped and shots of The Pentagon Building ((shown on screens))
They're comin' down (repeat)

(Prisoners terrified):
Here they come
Here they come (repeat)

(QB climbing a red pyramid-type structure at center stage.  At the top is a large red button and giant launch key.  She reaches it at the climax.)

Comin' down!
Comin' down!
Comin' down!
Comin' down!
Comin' down!


(As she sings the last note with her hand on the giant key, KY runs up from the side and grabs her arm.  Jermaine's enormous 'craft' with flashing multi-colored lights descends upon her.  It focuses a brilliant white light on her which paralyzes her.  There is chaos onstage- harsh winds, etc...  The prisoners rise up, and move toward the light.  The 'other side' recoils in utter fear to the ground and crawls/ scrambles off stage. Jermaine (in his multi-colored chakra 'light being' form) appears in front of the craft and begins floating angularly down toward QB. KY stares her down while holding her arm.)

8) The Visitors

J (to the paralyzed and utterly terrified QB):

You thought you had it all
You thought we couldn't wait
You thought we'd let him fall
And drop him at your gate
This leader's seen enough to know (pointing to KY)
The tides are in his eyes  (On screen a pic of KY with radiant aqua-blue/green eyes)
And sure as any seedling grows (On stage, KY glowing like CP and CM)
He'll help them reach their skies

(to audience)
The deed is done, the Earth awakened
As it was foreseen
By those around the outer ground
And places in between
His call's been heard by every bird
Across the cosmic spans
HUMAN moves on into the dawn
To shine with his new friends


Billions of "crafts" now appear out of nowhere, encircling the Earth (as seen on the big screens and backdrop)  KY leads the 'excursion' of people as they are 'beamed' aboard the crafts (all those who go into the lights- the prisoners all over the world of every race) QB and her followers crawl on their knees in terror and scurry away as fast as they can  from the visitors (they fear for their lives from what they perceive to be some kind of Anti-Christ rapture or evil alien invasion) while KY speaks to them.  People around the world hear his announcements being transmitted from everywhere- every TV, computer,

radio, cell phone, etc...  On stage we see H coming in with trepidation to enter the light (and for the first time with a smile and look of hope on his face).


(music changes) Next, we see on the backdrop the big clock striking 12:00, the Sun reaching the very center of the galactic rift.  As this happens, it begins to shine exceedingly bright.  The Earth is illuminated and ceases rotation.  On the big screens we see Earth completely surrounded in shimmering silver and gold geometric patterns (dodecahedron/pentagonal) with psychedelic video effects and shifting magnetic lines coming out of the poles and encircling it. It begins to spin in every direction randomly on one screen, while on the other screen we see the devastating effects occurring on the crust and the people who have chosen to stay, screaming as they are obliterated along with everything else. It is the end of Earth's civilization as we know it.  (On stage, QB and followers perform a chaotic choreographed 'dance' that symbolizes their demise. Then the slower music comes in.)

The screens show the catastrophic effects subsiding, the waters receding, etc..  The Earth then resumes its normal rotational velocity but in the opposite direction.  KY leads the return of the humans to Earth's new surface which is now glowing in a radiant aqua-blue/green.  As all the souls are returning, we hear KY's melodic call to herald the new dawn and the beginning of our show's finale. 

9) Pentagonal Skies

Alright now, it's time fo' the closin' numba.  We sho' hopes you all enjoyed yo'selves tonight.  If you likes what you heard, go on 'n spread the word.  You gon' make yo' future brighter, and it'll sho' make yo' Pappy happy.  Tell 'em son....

KY sings w/ all the characters in the show (sans QB and her followers who have perished during the global transition) including CP and CM (who join him now 'glowing' in radiant colors onstage ((CP-gold, CM-purple, KY- Aqua Blue)) and are finally seen by all the other characters) and a children's choir dressed and arranged in the seven colors of the rainbow behind them. 

This little melody comes straight from the heart
Not yet a symphony
At least it's a start
Is all this insanity just here for the art?
Or maybe our destinies aren't so far apart

Can you hear me, can you feel me?
(guys) Once again, at last
(J) (handing KY a clay ewer of sorts)
Here's your jar, sir
With your water
(gals to audience) Better drink it fast!

(KY, PB, J, CP,CM):
Pentagonal Skies    

(CH) We are pentagonal (4x's)  (4th- We are pentag'nalized)

(PB spoken)
Pentagonal Skies are doorways by which human beings are able to eradicate their sociological programming from their natural inherent selves.  It is the catalyst which will allow our conscious energy to rise to a faster vibration level and travel to times and places we never even knew existed.  We have come to that very leap in our evolution, to a new way of thinking about our species and its role in the cosmos. This is the magic of number five.     

Will you follow, end your sorrow?
(guys) No time left to grow
J: Take your dare now, don't be scared
(gals) They're right here, don't you know?

Pentagonal Skies
(repeat chorus)

(KY spoken) 
We can be spiritual beings without being programmed by religion. Institutions like religion, by their very nature have divided us, enslaved our humanity and prohibited us from moving ahead together to a non-violent and productive future.   We need only to believe in our unlimited potential as 5th dimensional beings in this magnificent universe. This ultimate truth has always been in our hearts and minds, and though we may not yet have a scientific explanation for it, Pentagonal Skies will forever exist within us, around us and above us.

(Brilliant aqua/blue/green lights now shine down on cast, as the entire stage rises up slowly with the children's choir on the highest tier)

Breathe in and open your eyes
Reach out, you're learning to rise
Never forget, my friend
You can return again
To your Pentagonal Skies

(CH and children's choir, with brilliantly colorful and dazzling visual patterns on the screens and strobes on the characters until the last note)

These are Pentagonal Skies 
These are Pentagonal Skies
Open your mind to your infinite prize
These are Pentagonal Skies



((CURTAIN CALLS-  "Pentagonal Skies" music w/out vocals played again)) 
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