Synopsis and Prologue:

Pentagonal Skies is a musical/ 'rock' opera about the modern day human being (Homo Sapiens) and his ascension into a higher (5th) level of conscious awareness (Homo Novus).  It invokes archetypes of modern day American Society (as characters in its plot) to convey a message of hope in these dark times- the period before the "new dawn," and the birth of the "new man." 

The musical is in two acts, each with nine "scenes."  The first act is more light-hearted and comical and provides background info on the main characters, as it sets up their critical roles in the plot.  The second act is somewhat darker and more dramatic as our story unfolds, building up to an intense climax before the transformative conclusion. 

The protagonist in this story is "Kyrone" (KY), a light-skinned black man in his early 30's who undergoes a spiritual transformation and self-actualization for the good of all humanity.  He is a latent homosexual artist in denial, refusing to acknowledge his true nature (as a result of his cultural and childhood influences) and struggles throughout the story to find his way to the light.  He knows he has a mission and a purpose to serve the greater good, but must first "come of age" and "remove his mask" so to speak.  He must "tear away" the old way of thinking that is holding him back from graduating and becoming fully aware of the new model. 

KY is the son of  “Cosmic Papa” (CP)- The masculine spirit/soul of THE SUN represented by a dark-skinned black man in his mid 50's. He is unnoticed by all of the other characters onstage except "Cosmic Mama" (CM) (The feminine spirit/soul of the Milky Way Galaxy/ Planet Earth) and "Jermaine" (J) (see below).  CP and CM act as spirit guides for KY (and others) and narrate our story.  They interact with the other characters throughout the show, although they are invisible to them.   

KY's human mother is Phyllis (M) (for MOM), the once talented singer/ entertainer and love child of Caucasian hippie-type parents.  CP decided long ago that this particular "white" woman would be the one to have his son with, as he foresaw the world-changing position it would provide for KY.  With the nod from CM, KY was conceived.  M wasn’t surprised at her pregnancy because she lead a somewhat promiscuous ‘rising star’ kind of lifestyle.  She never could pinpoint exactly who the father was, despite KY’s obvious darker-hued skin color.   When KY was a young boy, she was somewhat embarrassed of him and tried to cover up his apparent effeminate behaviors/ tendencies.  She also developed an affinity for alcohol and narcotics, and her professional opportunities began diminishing as well as her motivation to follow her dreams.  When faced with no money and no means to feed her son, she sought out a wealthy man to marry.  Roger (D) (for DAD), KY’s step-father (a modestly wealthy ex-navy seal) constantly tried to raise KY to be more like a ‘man,’ all the while suppressing and denying his own homosexual feelings.  Being married to a conservative, M adapted into the more "traditional housewife" role, completely forgetting everything she ever believed in, especially 'nonsensical' things like dreams and passions (according to her).  Her booze and pill consumption was out of control during this time, though cleverly hidden from her new high-society-type ‘friends.’  Daily she projected onto KY her self-loathing for lack of following through with her own childhood ambitions.

Our story opens when KY meets Princess Bonnie (PB), the free-spirited daughter of the extremely wealthy evil queen-to-be and antagonist of our story, Queen Beeotch (QB).  KY and PB fall in love and marry, despite the initial consternation of the evil mother.  QB later decides to take the opportunity to exploit KY in an attempt to gain favor amongst the "less fortunate" voting populous.  PB has a life-long close friend named Jermaine (J) who is a very beautiful homosexual transvestite male.  He is actually a "light-being" and time-traveler from the Vega Star System in the Lyra Constellation, unbeknownst to PB or anyone else.  His real mission on Earth is to help KY "out of his shell" (so to speak again).  He begins to have discreet relations with KY.  QB finds out about this, and decides to hold this information over KY's head for further exploitations after she is "elected" to office.  By the end of Act One, PB has found out about KY and J and is devastated. 

Act Two opens with QB's induction ceremony as the new US "President."  She decides to immediately begin operations in preparation for her "BIG PLAN" to eradicate the planet of all people not like her (anyone who is not a wealthy "white" conservative Christian evangelical republican type person), thereby reducing the global population by something like ninety-five percent.  The first part of her evil plan involves declaring Marshall Law for some unknown terrorist plot that "threatens" the lives of every American.  She sets up special "campsites" all over the country to "shelter" everyone from this impending "danger." When everyone at the camps suddenly realizes that they are not free to leave on their own accord, they become agitated and are further detained in chains and jail cells. 

With the help and encouragement from CP, CM and especially J, KY eventually realizes what he must do to defeat QB and restore order to the planet. His 'coming out' begins with telling his wife (who already knows everything from a space/ time traveling experience she had shared with J when they reunited and rekindled their friendship).   Just when we think that QB is on to him and ready to shut him down once again before he has had time to act, he shows up at the last minute to thwart her evil devastation.  J declares to the world that KY has succeeded in his mission, and that the human species will continue to evolve and be allowed to graduate to the next level of consciousness.  Beings from all over the galaxy show up to rescue the humans from extinction. Ironically, it is all the bible-thumping morons that choose not to enter the Visitors' light rays 'rapture' and be saved from the Earth's natural catastrophic events.  They run from the lights, as they are afraid of what they believe to be some 'Satanic' Anti-Christ mission or something. (Qué será, será....)

After the Earth goes through a rigorous 'reset,'  KY leads the humans' return to the rejuvenated Earth surface and sets in motion the graduation ceremony and "NEW ERA" for all.