You are reading this because maybe you are interested in my history and what I have done in my career.
Well let me start by saying that this "bio" isn't written in the third person p.o.v., which I always find to be
impersonal and rather stupid. I won't be aggrandizing my accomplishments in life or inflating the importance
of any of my experiences, as if they were something super-amazing. The fact of the matter (if you even care)
is that I am (and have been for many years) a struggling composer just trying to find my niche in this universe.
Once I went to a "major" university to study music. I really didn't learn much there (musically) that I hadn't
already taught myself years prior, and I don't even use my degree nowadays, as I do not need it for what I
do to make ends meet financially. My life is basically pretty boring. I've never done anything truly noteworthy
outside of my music, and have been reassured by some of my peers that my personality is less than favorable.
To make ends meet, I play my keyboards and sing tunes that I didnít write to somewhat grateful people who
drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages and tip me for their requests. Sometimes they mistakenly call me
a "deejay," and while this irks me to no end, I know it's just a sign of the times we live in. It's not the most
glorious job in the world, but still I am grateful I have it. It's certainly better than some other things Iíve done
for a living. I was a public school music teacher at one point early in my career, then a land surveyor for a while.
During those times, I composed five albums which basically went nowhere, but I had fun doing it anyway. I also
gained through the experiences themselves some skills in the art of recording. I'm not an expert, but I
think I'm much better at it now. After completing those 5 albums, I worked strictly as a performing musician,
both as a solo act and with various bands in various situations, some which I'd really like to forget about.
I've worked on cruise ships and the like, but it has never been truly fulfilling for me. My real passion is
composing and creating. I feel it's what I was meant to do in my life. Hopefully someday I'll actually be
able to make some money doing it. So if you're a "BIG-TIME" Broadway Producer and you like what you hear
and read here, please contact me. I'm ready. I'm tired of living just a click above the poverty level. If you're
simply a fan of musicals, and you've enjoyed this in any way, let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

Patrick Richard LeRoy